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Commercial Photography

There will be an information session on Wednesday, October 22, 2014 at 6:00 p.m. in room 3F.43.

Please see the Commercial Photography page for more information the program.

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Humanities and Public Life Conference: World Views and Contemporary Society

Join us for the annual Humanities and Public Life Conference, October 20, 21, 22! This year, our speakers will examine the theme of world views, the conceptual frameworks that help us understand, from a variety of historical and ideological viewpoints, how the world is structured, functions and develops. We will discuss ways in which an understanding of another’s world view, the ability to see the world while “walking in another’s shoes” brings to light concrete practical approaches to current issues and problems.

Join us for the exciting theatrical production of The Life of Socrates and walk a mile in the shoes of a brilliant ancient philosopher, to whom we owe much of our contemporary world view. Come hear Eric Van der Wee examine different world views on the nature and importance of happiness, come and learn what the scientific world view has to do with philosophy in Oran Magal’s talk on quantum physics. This year, our keynote speaker, Dr. Kenneth Feder will give a talk contrasting the scientific and pseudo-scientific world views in the study of our past. Specifically, Dr. Feder, will look at the so-called “Sacrificial Table,” of the Mystery Hill site in New Hampshire. The name assigned to the stone by its owners suggests its use in blood-soaked pagan rituals; however, multiple avenues of evidence suggest otherwise.

Dr. Kenneth Feder has taught in the Department of Anthropology at Central Connecticut State University since 1977 where he is a full professor. His primary research interests include the archaeology of the native peoples of New England and the analysis of public perceptions about the human past.

All talks to be held in 5B16 or the Dawson Theatre. Please consult our schedule for all the details! Any inquiries can be directed to mwood@dawsoncollege.qc.ca

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Register to the 2014 edition of Dawson’s Den

Pitch your big idea during this year’s edition of Dawson’s Den and you might win some amazing prizes.

Do you have a BIG IDEA? Want to win amazing prizes? This year’s Entrepreneurship Week (EWeek) is even better than last year’s. You do not want to miss this opportunity to meet cool, hip entrepreneurs and to participate in Dawson’s Den. Come pitch an idea and win 6 months free rent at one of our sponsor’s co-working loft. You must register to pitch your idea. Once you register, someone will contact you to guide you through the rest.

Check out the calendar and register as soon as you can because seating is limited.

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